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Take control of your vehicle fleet with the Kinesis range of Telematics.

Track your vehicles, monitor driver behaviour & vehicle performance, streamline driver’s checks, receive incident alerts, track your assets, manage private/business mileage and more.

The set-up is quick and easy. You can choose to self-install, or we will send an engineer to manage the installation when it suits you*.

Monitor telematics from your phone, tablet or desktop.

* (Device dependant)

Choose from three options:

Pricing From £5.50 /month * From £9.64 /month * From £9.64 /month *
Vehicle Check Form (included in the package!)
Journey History & Playback
Monitor Driver Speeds
Live vehicle location
Tracking Links
Business & Personal Mileage
Privacy Mode
Driver ID
Camera Integration
Full driver & vehicle performance monitoring
Suitable for large fleets
Easy to move across different vehicles
Suitable for all types of vehicles
Installation Easily self-installed or removed Can be self-installed by plugging into OBD port within drivers' cab or professionally installed Installed by professional fitter

* Prices are calculated based on the fleet size and contract length.


Additional solutions available on request

Or watch a video highligting some of the most popular features.

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Take control

Telematics help you take control and view your entire fleet in one location in real time.

Increase security

They help you protect your assets, prevent theft and fraud, and tackle unauthorised usage of your vehicles and fuel.

Improve safety

See if driver arrived safely home/at their destination. Monitoring vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour improves the safety of your workforce and other road users, while reducing downtime in your business.

Reduce costs

Creating more efficient routing of vehicles, superior MPG measurement and improving the utilisation of your vehicles will help you reduce your business costs.

How Can Telematics Benefit Your Business?

There are number of features available, scaleable to suit your specific requirements as well as your budget. Hover over the images below to read more about each feature.

Live Map

Powered by Google Maps™ and updated every 30 seconds, live maps display the locations of your fleet in near real time accurate to within 3 meters.

You can select any vehicle on the live map to view:

Current Location & Status
Today’s Journey History
Estimated Time of Arrival
Current Street View
Contact Details

Journey History

Includes details such as:

Distance travelled
Number of journeys
Total drive time
Specific vehicle or driver full journey history breakdown with street level information & postcode detail, or a full replay of any individual journey, including harsh driving incidents

Driver Performance

Analyses four key areas of driving style – Speeding, harsh breaking, accelerating & cornering.

All drivers begin the reporting period with a driver score of 100 and lose points when a harsh event occurs. The event also appears on Google maps, marking the location where the event took place along with date & time stamps.

Vehicle Performance

Automatically links user telematics data & fuel card transactions to produce detailed MPG reporting. Detail includes date, time & location of where vehicles have fuelled in addition to litres filled & miles travelled.



Function is commonly used to ensure vehicles arrive and leave site on time, monitor frequency of visits to specific sites or to ensure drivers arrive home safely which is particularly useful for lone working, although they do have many more applications. Geoplus can help businesses by reporting instances where a fuel card may have been misused.


Are fully customisable and can be run based on individual vehicles or drivers (for users with driver IDs). They aim to drive efficiencies, simplify fleet administration, improve visibility & help reduce the risk. They can be saved, scheduled and shared quickly via e-mail in Excel or PDF straight from the platform. Kinesis can also generate alerts that allow for proactive change management. Alerts are a fantastic tool to drive efficiencies across the fleet without having to constantly monitor the system.

Manage Groups

View information, manage all users and make changes using our simple to use, modern, user friendly interface.


Receive a notification when there has been a breach in your selected criteria. For example when a vehicle leaves a geofence, or when a vehicle has not moved for an extended period of time, etc.

The installation of our Atom devices is quick and simple:

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