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    Our First Apprentice’s Story

Our First Apprentice’s Story

Here at BWOC we are proud to support the development of our new recruits and offer fantastic opportunities for personal development through apprenticeships. Modern Apprenticeships were first introduced in the UK back in 1994 and have been used by businesses around the country to train staff ever since. In this blog we are going to be talking about the story of our first apprentice, Stacey.

Applying for her Apprenticeship

Stacey’s journey with us began when she applied for a Business Administration apprenticeship with us. She had previously left Sixth Form College with A Levels, however she was very undecided about which path to take in terms of her next steps in education. She had originally planned to attend university but had no idea about what she actually wanted to study. Applying for an apprenticeship with BWOC gave her a much clearer path to follow.


With the experience Stacey had gained on her apprenticeship with us, she had a great idea of how she would like to further develop her skills. She decided to apply for an Open University course so that she could fit in her studies alongside working for us full time. Stacey chose to study ‘Humanities and Creative Writing’, as Humanities covered a broad range of subjects that she had enjoyed throughout her schooling. She also chose a Creative Writing course as she had always wanted to write her own book. Halfway through, the university dropped the Creative writing side meaning this side of her studies came to a halt. Despite this set back, Stacey was motivated enough to find another course, Religious Studies. Six years on, Stacey graduated with a degree of: BA (Honours) in Humanities (Creative Writing and Religious Studies).

Celebrating Success

Stacey’s willingness to make the best of any situation was evident yet again when the time came for her graduation. The actual ceremonies were scattered around the country, making it extremely difficult to attend. Instead, Stacey enjoyed her own ceremony in the pleasure of her own home and with a little help from her Husband. A handmade gown and second hand hat were used to ensure it could be just as special as the real thing!

Stacey is now a vital part of the BWOC team, working in the role of Account Manager. She is a shining example of how a person can grow through the opportunities presented to her in the form of an apprenticeship with BWOC.

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