Bulk Fuel Enquiries: 01934 417576
Fuel Card Enquiries: 01902 854987


Our dedicated tanker
fleet enables us to
deliver all grades
to the highest
standards »

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Countrywide supply
of all grades
with full livery
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Bulk Fuel

Nationwide deliveries
with flexible
mechanisms »

Fuel Cards

On road fuel supply with
our nationwide fuel
cards & bunker
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Contact us

Head Office Details & Accounts Department:
BWOC Limited
BW Estate
Oldmixon Crescent
BS24 9BA

Telephone: (01934) 417576
Email: enquiries@bwoc.co.uk


Fuel Card Enquiries:
Telephone: (01902) 854987

Email : priority@bwoc.co.uk


Existing card customers, please contact:
Telephone: (01934) 417576
Email : cards@bwoc.co.uk


Bulk & Bunker Enquiries:
Telephone: (01934) 417576
Email enquiries: bulk@bwoc.co.uk

BWOC records all calls for quality and training purposes

BWOC Ltd, Head Office:
BW Estates, Oldmixon Crescent, Weston-Super-Mare, BS24 9BA. Registered in England No 3256076 Registered Office: 5th Floor, Portland House, Cardinal Place, London SW1E 5RS

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