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Running the Bristol 10k for charity

Posted on the 31st Jul 2018 in the category Events

On a hotter than predicted morning in mid-May Mike Slater and Pete Byrom who work together in the BWOC Transport department, laced up their trainers and tackled the Bristol 10k. They were aiming to raise money for their chosen charities (Mike – Bone Cancer Research, Pete – Bristol SANDS) and to complete the course in time to be in work on Monday morning!! Both set off in the final group or ‘Pink Wave’ of runners from Anchor Rd near the Harbourside in Bristol in a route that would take them out of town and down the Portway, underneath the iconic Bristol Suspension Bridge before turning back towards the city and negotiating Spike Island before returning through the city centre and back to the finish line by the Bristol Aquarium.


More than 13,500 runners of varying abilities took part in the run and the pavements along the whole 10k route was packed with people cheering on and providing encouragement to all the runners. Some were taking part in fancy dress – Mike ran in a rather fetching grass skirt others were more ‘conservatively’ attired, Pete opted for t-shirt and shorts. Pete did noted that amongst the thousands of runners there was a team of policemen in riot gear that passed him on the Portway and not long after that a team of firemen in full gear including breathing apparatus carrying ladders and breathing apparatus passed him. As mentioned it was a hotter than predicted morning and a later start in the morning meant that at various points on the course Mike and Pete were (like mad dogs and Englishmen) out in the midday sun. At one point Mike thought the sun and heat might be getting a bit much as he thought he saw a cow running along the course. It turned out to be someone with an inflatable cow costume on running to promote a brand of food!!


We are happy to report that both Mike and Pete made it back safely to the end of the 10k course (and work the next morning) in times of 1hr 1min and 1hr 39mins respectively. Between them thanks to the kind donations from friends and colleagues they raised nearly £500 for their chosen charities and are already planning an assault on next year’s Bristol 10k!!

Life in BWOC through the eyes of our latest trainee

Posted on the 19th Jun 2014 in the category Events

Anna Lena Grossmann is BWOC's latest trainee from Marquard & Bahls in Germany.

Here, she expresses how she came to be working in BWOC and her thoughts on the future.


'Meeting new people, exploring different cultures and challenging myself to take a path not taken before has always been my way of searching for new goals.

I knew that participating in a dual study programme right after completing my A-levels would involve serious commitment and represent a great challenge.


My dual study programme consists of working for Marquard & Bahls and studying Business at the Nordakademie in Germany.

Working for Marquard & Bahls requires a great amount of flexibility, since dual students reguarly change workplaces between the various subsidiary companies.


I was plunged in at the deep end on multiple occasions when entering a new department within the company, from becoming acquainted with a new work environment, to using special software or learning about new products.


Going on a work placement abroad to BWOC Ltd in the UK represented a significant new challenge for me, but my colleagues at BWOC were a very supportive team.

I was welcomed with open arms and special emphasize was put on integrating my role into the team quickly.


Currently, I am involved in a project dealing with the management of our new NOW! brand, and I am finding it very interesting to put marketing theories which I studied in University into practice.

Working with fresh, new branding and being involved with the positive developments of this gives me a great sense of achievement.


Outside work, I enjoy the outdoor activities that the South West has to offer. I spend most of my weekends hiking and camping in Wales or the South Coast. In the Summer I am looking forward to going surfing in Cornwall and attending festivals all across England.


I am very grateful for the opportunities and chances that I have been given along the way, and being in the final stage of my studies, I can say that choosing to work for Marquard & Bahls together with BWOC not only offers excellent prospects within the company for the future, but has also shaped the person I am at present.' 


We hope that Anna enjoys working with us at BWOC, and wish her the very best for her future within the group.




Movember Charity Event

Posted on the 1st Nov 2012 in the category Events

During November 2011, 6 of BWOC’s finest moustache growers took part in the ‘Movember Charity Challenge’ where the aim was to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.


Our ‘Mo Bros’ as they are more commonly referred to in the charity circle raised £638 bydonating their top lip to help change the face of men’s health They started the month of November clean shaven and for the rest of the month, groomed, trimmed and waxed their way into the annals of fine moustachery.


Left to right:- Jason Dean, Jason Rogers, Steve Corrick, Anthony Sparrow, Andy Shutler and Mark Wayne.


For more details on the global impact of Movember, raising over £106million so far please go to http://uk.movember.com/about/ where there is still time to donate

The London 2012 Torch relay is here!

Posted on the 10th Jun 2012 in the category Events

Do you know when it will be near you?

To help plan your fuel delivery requirements around the relay visit www.london2012.com/olympic-torch-relay or call BWOC and speak to your account manager on 01934 417576.

BWOC Ltd Fuel Distibution Planning 


Whilst it is natural to think first and foremost about the days of competition, there are other major events taking place over the summer of 2012 that will affect the transport network and the day-to-day running of some businesses. 

It will not just be businesses located in and around the Olympic Park that will feel the full impact of the Olympics in their day-to-day business. 

Some of the main impact of the Olympic Games will not be during the actual games themselves; it will likely be the events in the build-up to the games that could present delivery difficulties to customers: 

  • Torch Relay will provide the biggest impact on day-to-day running of businesses. The torch relay’s impact should not be under-estimated. For example the carnival-type floats will accompany the torch will result in crowds and localised road closures. The relay begins at Lands End on Saturday 19th May and continues through to the opening ceremony in London on 27th July.

  • Soft Openings take place over a number of different days. For example at the end of June the media centre opens. This will involve all media setting up their centres. Once this is done the media centre will be security swept and then sealed off until the media return closer to the games.

  • Diamond Jubilee will take place over the weekend of 2nd – 5th June. The main focus of events for the jubilee will be in and around London although there will be events around the country.

  • The Games take place in two parts. The Olympic games from 27th July through to 12thAugust and then the Paralympics from 29th August through to 9th September. In addition to this there will be 2/3 days either side when the athletes arrive and depart.


The areas of impact will change daily before and during the Olympics. In the 70 days leading up to the Olympics the torch relay will take place around the country. It is the aim of the torch relay to get within 10 miles of 95% of the population of the UK. In addition to the torch relay on each day there will be local ‘cultural’ events that tie in with the sponsors of the Olympics.

During the games there will be Olympic events that take place outside of the main Olympic Park in Stratford .
They are – 

Canoeing takes place at the newly built Lee Valley White Water Centre just south of Cheshunt. Events will be taking place here from 29th July – 2nd August (Olympics) and 5th – 8th September (Paralympics).
We have a customer just outside the centre that is likely to be impacted on these days. 

Mountain Biking takes place at Hadleigh Farm just East of Benfleet (Essex). The events take place on 11th& 12th August (Olympics) which is over a weekend. 

Cycling (Road Races) will take place in different venues. For the Paralympics the road cycling will take place at Brands Hatch from 5th – 8th September. The road races for the Olympics will take place on 28th & 29th July and 1st August. The road race in the Olympics doesn’t take place at a single venue; the route will take cyclists through central London and through parts of Surrey. 

Sailing will take place in Weymouth . The sailing will last the duration of the Olympics, for the Paralympics the competition lasts from 1st – 6th September. Our customers in the Dorset area are likely to be affected by the extra traffic during the competition

Rowing takes place at Eton Dorney near Maidenhead. The rowing competition for the Olympics last the duration of the Olympics. For the Paralympics the competition lasts from 31st August – 2nd September.

Football is the only event that begins before the Olympics. The football competition takes place at 6 grounds around the country – Wembley Stadium, Millennium Stadium, Old Trafford, Coventry Stadium (Ricoh Arena), St James Park (Sports Direct Stadium) and Hampden Park. The matches that form the football tournament will take place throughout the day and not just in the evenings.

As a business the main areas of impact for BWOC will be the torch relay and some of the events outside of London– sailing and football. After looking at the ‘Areas of Impact’ we have identified customers that we put under the heading ‘RED ZONE CUSTOMERS




These are customers that on certain days could be inaccessible to deliveries. 

Olympic Park – we have already been in contact with some of our customers who are located in close proximity to the Olympic Park. One of our ‘delivery’ customers who are based on the outskirts of the Olympic Park, have been written to by LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games). LOCOG have suggested they shut down during the Olympics/Paralympics or switch to working nights. This is because the security restrictions in place locally will make it nigh on impossible for them to operate normally during the games. 

As far as loading fuel goes, we have been advised by the terminals in London that they there are no restrictions for loading during the games. That said we have implemented a contingency plan where we have a London driver trained and based in Kingsbury to enable flexibility during the games.


WHAT ARE TfL (Transport for London ) DOING?

A big concern of bringing the games to a city like London with an already cramped transport network and the security operation involved is the affect that the extra traffic will have on the network.

Looking at the disruption caused to road networks in previous games the organisers have earmarked 109 miles of London’s road network as Olympic Route Network’ – ORN.

Of the 109 miles, 30 miles are being used as ‘Games Lanes’


These roads will be open to all traffic but there will be restrictions imposed between 0600-0000. These restrictions will be –

  • No kerbside deliveries during the hours of 0600-0000.

  • Where there are 2 lanes of traffic the outside lane will be exclusively for the use of the ‘Games Family’ (athletes, officials, families, etc) and for blue-light services (Police, Fire & Ambulance) but only when they are on a ‘blue-light call’.

  • To try and keep traffic flowing during the day TfL is imposing a ‘Westbound Bias’ on road traffic. This means that timings on traffic lights will be changed to increase the flow of traffic in a westbound direction – i.e. traffic heading to games events.

  • The ORN will be in place for 2 days either side of the Olympics and will then be renamed as PRN – Paralympics Route Network for the Paralympics. Again these will be in place before and after the Paralympics.

  • Clearway 2012 – no schedule roadwork’s during the games.

  • These restrictions will be strictly imposed by increased fines.

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