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BWOC does the 'Bubble Run' in aid of Weston Hospice Care

Posted on the 3rd Nov 2017 in the category Sponsorships

Over the last few years, BWOC has supported Weston Hospice Care at various events - golf days, paint runs etc.


On August 10th, members of staff and their families took part in the 'Bubble Rush' event at Burnham-on Sea, which was a run around Apex Park where at various points there were coloured 'bubble stations' for them to run through and get covered in bubbles. BWOC was sponsoring the green bubble station.


In the lead up to the run, participants were all training at their own pace and in various ways.

Pete Byrom & Mark Wayne had starting comparing notes on their training runs & even though they had agreed to complete the course together, the training was beginning to get competitive!


Race day was a scorcher. The early morning cloud & rain had made way for glorious August sunshine - lovely if you were a spectator but not quite what the runners needed!


At just after midday the starting gun fired & all of the runners set off - running through a wall of foam bubbles as they crossed the start line. The route of the run took the runners out to the edge of the park and along the River Brue before circling back into the park and around the lake before turning back to the finish line.


Michelle (Mark's Wife) was staking out the green bubble station to get some action shots of everyone coming through it, and nearly got a shot of Pete taking Mark out!


Pete explains 'as I entered the green station I slipped on the bubbles and picked up some speed, ploughed through the bubbles for what seemed like ages but eventually slowed down and regained my footing. For a split second my heart was in my mouth. As I began picking up speed in my skid, I thought the only thing that was going to slow me down was Mark who was a couple of steps in front of me. I'm not sure a picture of me rugby tackling the Managing Director in green bubbles would do my career any good- let alone the damage I would do to Mark! Luckily I stopped in time and tried to style it out & make it look like I was 'swimming' through the foam.'


One by one & at different times everyone made it back safely with no more drama. Mark & Pete were the last from BWOC to cross the line - generously making sure everyone else had finished safely and crossed the finish line in a time of just over 30 minutes.

There is photo evidence to suggest that Pete 'dipped' as he crossed the line to finish just in front of Mark. Pete's explanation is that as he crossed the finish line he stepped on some uneven ground and stumbled across the line - a story he is sticking to.


Everyone that took part had lots of fun and got thoroughly covered in various brightly coloured foam and crossed the finish line with big smiles on thier faces.


Overall the event raised £20,310 for Weston Hospice Care and the brilliant work they do. 

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